honestly why are blackheads such a big deal anyway

i have a love/hate relationship with my face.

in reality, i am far from ugly, and my bone structure and skin has honestly been a blessing from God. which is all pretty irrelevant anyway, blah blah beauty constructs and pressure to be beautiful is irrelephant, blah blah.


^scientific graph

but honestly in spite of that, it seems that everyone is always fighting a war on their blackheads…i’ve fought this war for many, many, MANY years, through many products. yeah, some stuff helps a LITTLE…but they’re always there. because face it, your pores, especially in some places like your nose, are just a bit or a lot larger and stuff from life gets in them! (especially now…i call summer blackhead season cause the sunscreen makes it worseeee).

so i’ve come to this place of ACCEPTANCE: my blackheads will always be there and honestly no one can see them form a comfortable talking distance. some of this acceptance has come from my new take on makeup: less is more, and some from the shear need to use sunscreen and thus make the blackhead presence worse.

so long story short, embrace your skin, try to take care of it, but ultimately you’re not made of porcelain so it’ll never look like a photoshopped picture. here’s my average daily skin routine, without any fancy frills (1x a day!):



let the good times rolllll

this stuff is literally gold. exfoliating, but gentle enough on my delicate paper like face to use everyday. i rub it down in the shower and then wash off! also it smells like popcorn and butterscotch. yum.

for days when i want a bit more in my daily cleanse, i use what my boyfriend also uses almost on the reg:


dark angels. its black on the inside like my heart

this stuff is stimilar to LTGTR above, but a bit harsher. it’s appropriate to use on my boyfriend’s backne.



grease lightning, i use it as a spot treatment

post-shower, i spread a tiny bit of this onto my T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) which is most prone to pimples, especially before my period. i only use a VERY TINY THIN LAYER because otherwise this feels sticky and gross on my face. but the tea tree oil helps keep my face mostly red pimple free.



tea tree water! for refreshingness

after treating with GL, i spray tea tree water all over my face. this gets rid of extra cleanser left over and refreshess my entire face, while giving my face a tiny bit more of tea tree oil. when i’m feeling extra sensitive i skip GL above and just use this as the % of tea tree oil is much less here.



the cheapest of the lush moisturizers, aimed towards men lol

i let TTW above sit and absorb on my face for a minute, usually while i apply fake tanner/lotion to my legs. then i finish my face with cosmetic lad, which is a rather light moisturizer that doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy! it also smells really awesome almost like a creamsicle. a little bit goes a long way!

And that’s it! In the summertime before spending time outside I apply a sunblock as well, but I haven’t decided on my favorite one yet so I’m not making any recommendations here. Also – I KNOW these are all lush products. I use them because I like that they don’t test on animals and because they feel best on my face after years of trial and error…although I’m looking forward out different things this summer…especially when i travel…

What’s your favorite skin product??


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