travel post: road trip guide

it’s a little late – sorry i’ve been super busy with work and also ~personal problems~, basically it’s been one of my sad weeks, which i might elaborate on in a later post if anyone wants to know about it.

but today’s post is super happy! because the memorial day weekend road trip was a HUGE success!! and since i’ve taken much shorter trips with some regularity/frequency, i have some well-worn advice for would-be roadtrippers..

my trip via google maps!
  • DRIVE SAFE – clearly this should be a no-brainer, but seriously…not only when it comes to drinking/driving, but sleepy drivers also are a huge danger!! In fact, 23% of adults know someone who crashed due to sleeping at the wheel. Until self-driving cars are for REAL, just pull over to a motel and sleep! It’s not worth it!
  • Along that line, take reasonable driving shifts (2-5 hours was what me and my boyfriend did), and take breaks whenever needed. Enjoy the ride; it’s an adventure, not a race!
  • USE EASY PASS. This improves your trip 100% because otherwise you need exact change for some tolls, plus you get stuck in allllll the toll booth traffic…and it’s a lot, trust.
  • Rest stops on interstates are mostly really nice, especially on 80W in Ohio, and 95 N and S in every state I’ve driven on it! So don’t be afraid to stop frequently to use the ~facilities~ or get an iced coffee and fuel up! šŸ™‚
  • Music/comedy while driving is awesome! I sang along to several of my CDs when driving, while Eric stayed on the SiriusXM Lithium (90s alt/grunge rock) the entire time he drove haha. Music can be a great way to stay alert/involved with the drive, especially if your co-driver/co-pilot is resting when you’re driving…PS driver ALWAYS gets to pick the tunes! šŸ˜‰

a v small part of my CD collection including the ke$ha remix album and PatD!

  • PACK WATER AND SNACKS!! Rest stops have come a long way from what they were, but greasy foods are still the main source of fuel here. For my drives, we always take several sandwiches, tons of small bottles of water, and snacks such as protein packs, cheese bites, bananas and other hand fruits like plums, beef jerky and chocolate! This is also a way to save a couple bucks, since you’ll be spending some money on gas anyway.
  • Bring a travel journal, phone or camera to record all your awesome memories šŸ™‚ Driving is such an awesome way to experience traveling in America, and it’s pretty convenient if you own a car, so make the most of it!

Lastly, I wanna let you know about – it’s a great resource for planning a road trip or even a day trip around your area to different attractions or points of interest! You can also estimate the gas cost of your trip easily with that site, so you can figure out how much money to ask for from your friends who are road tripping with you!

What’s your best road trip advice?

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